Once Upon A Time...

On a vision quest not so long ago, Kiki Capri came to be. Who knew that a college road trip, fueled by red wine, pizza, and other things, would result in the start of a kick-ass fashunnn brand?

Fast forward (to over a decade later) Kiki Capri has blossomed into a fun lovin' accessory brand featuring hand-designed prints, all designed with love in San Francisco, CA.

Putting the concept of unique first and foremost, no two Kiki Capri bags are the same, just as no two girls are either. Kiki Capri is all about celebrating individuality, personal style, and embracing one's own spirit animal...

Speaking of animals, all signature Kiki Capri accessories are 100% animal-friendly and made from 100% cotton. Doing right by our furry little friends is supes important to Kiki Capri.

Whether you're a basic bitch, hipster, fashion junkie, boho goddess, burner or girlboss, we've got a bag for you.